Harold Night

24 feb–23 mar

Presens Impro

This is a completely improvised comedy show. The improv comedians on stage mash together their comedic brains to create fast and fun sketch comedy related to a theme suggested by the audience. Nothing is written or prepared beforehand and as an audience member you will sit safely in your seat and no one will drag you upon stage. 

Extra info for improv lovers: 

“The Harold” is a classic improv format created by The Committe, a San Francisco improv group, in the 1960s and was later further developed in Chicago by Del Close and Charna Halpern. It is a highly structured format where three individual comedic ideas are heightened and explored in three beats with palate cleansing group games in between. The Harold is popular when teaching improv comedy to students because it emphasises clearly the importance of patterns, themes and group mind instead of following a traditional story.

The show is played in English.


24 februari
16 mars
23 mars


180 kr

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