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FIA – Live in Stockholm at Valborg

30 april

Eric Ericsonhallen

Welcome to celebrate the arrival of spring during this ”Valborgsmässoafton” (Walpurgis) in concert with Fia. Together we will gather the community in the beautiful old church at Skeppsholmen and sing along with Fia as she takes us on a journey deep into our hearts.

To open up this special night she has invited Gro – a force of nature from the forest, the earth, and the stars.

About Fia: 

Fia and her music has become a movement on it’s own and rightfully so. With over 130k monthly listeners on Spotify each month she still manages to keep a very intimate connection with her following in her channels – which will be felt during the concert.


30 april kl 20


350 kr

Bra att veta


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Buss 65, stig av vid hållplats Östasiatiska.