Dylan Moran

How can it be you have spent a whole ten minutes staring at a banana?

Why do you always do stuff like that?

Why do you never do the other really great things where it’s much, much better – and afterwards you don’t want to saw off your own face and post it back to yourself with not quite enough stamps?
Also, learn how to make breakfast not even knowing you are out of bed.
Diagnose the mirror, reason with the mice and boil yoghurt blindfolded.

Enjoy the fruits of hurtling cognitive decline and your neighbours sprawling ghastliness, absence of humanity and so, so much more. These times have not been easy.

We Got This is the brand new show from BAFTA and Perrier award winning comedian Dylan Moran. It promises to be a joyously furious romp through the frustration and folly of modern day life.

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16 mars kl 20


495 kr

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Djurgårdsfärjan linje 82, spårvagnslinje 7 och busslinje 69 stannar nära Cirkus. Åker ni spårvagn eller buss går ni av vid Skansen och om ni åker båt går ni av vid Allmänna Gränd.